duminică, 6 februarie 2011


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  1. un oarecare milo de pe un forum

    If I am OPEC leaders...

    I will push the oil price up as high as possible to gain all the profits and let the world economy crash again ....and use the profits to buy up assets around the world cheaply.

    If I can think of this, don't you think the cunning Arabs can too?

    "OPEC had a big meeting this week," Rogers said. "If they had a lot more oil to produce, they would be producing it. They don't have it."

    "Oil will hit $150 or $200 during this commodity bull market." (Jim Rogers November 2007)

    "Jim Rogers was a partner of George Soros at the time they broke the bank of England."

    "Am aflat de la antene" că baiatu' ăsta bătrân mănâncă poopoo în vârf de... bule, în prag de... praf şi pulbere.

    ... să cânte muzică... flavian ... madmax... basu' şi cu toba mare.

  2. Traiasca ministerul cenzurii!